In-Person event

Lauren Anderson

September 23

Doors open at 6PM | Show starts at 7PM

Lauren Anderson


Singer, songwriter and blues disciple Lauren Anderson makes music that transcends any ordinary encounter. She engages her audiences in ways that allow her and those that follow her to find common ground and share experiences that are common to them all.

“My goal in live performance is to offer people a good time, but also to give them something that will resonate long after,” she says. “I enjoy the exuberance and joy in making music, but I also like sharing the backstories of my songs as well as the emotions and experiences that allow people to relate and connect in ways they can appreciate and understand.”

Her upcoming album, titled Burn It All Down (scheduled for release on September 9, 2022), epitomizes the will and determination that’s made her such a formidable force within the blues/rock community.